In-Demand Finance and Accounting Jobs

1) Accountant

Accountants prepare, maintain, and examine the accuracy of financial statements for an organization. They ensure all financial records, such as balance sheets, income and loss statements, cash flow statements, and tax returns, are compliant with federal laws, regulations, and generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). They are also responsible for identifying and resolving any discrepancies in records, statements, or documented transactions.

Average Salary: $72,942

10-Year Projected Growth: 10 percent (This field is projected to grow faster than the average growth rate for all occupations, which is seven percent.)


2) Financial Analyst

These analysts examine an organization’s financial data. By analyzing past financial and investment data, as well as estimating future revenues and expenditures, they can provide guidance to businesses making investment decisions.

Average Salary: $84,367

10-Year Projected Growth: 11 percent (Faster than average)


3) Personal Financial Advisor

Financial advisors help their clients understand the health of their finances and make personal investment decisions. They monitor the state of clients’ investments and finances, and can provide advice on insurance, mortgages, college savings, estate planning, taxes, and retirement.

Average Salary: $90,640

10-Year Projected Growth: 15 percent (Much faster than average)

4) Management Consultant

Management consultants, also known as management analysts, propose improvements for operational efficiencies, in an effort to make organizations more profitable through reduced costs and increased revenues.

Average Salary: $82,450

10-Year Projected Growth: 14 percent (Much faster than average)

5) Financial Managers

Financial managers are responsible for the financial health of an organization. They generate financial reports and develop strategies to help meet the long-term financial goals of their organization.

Average Salary: $125,080

10-Year Projected Growth: 19 percent (Much faster than average)

6) Budget Analyst

Budget analysts help companies organize their finances, prepare budget reports, and monitor institutional spending. They regularly review an organization’s financial plans for completeness, accuracy, and conformance with regulations and organizational objectives.

Average Salary: $75,240

10-Year Projected Growth: 7 percent (As fast as average)

7) Auditor

Internal auditors and audit managers identify financial and business risks and assess compliance with government regulations. They evaluate existing internal controls, identify areas for improvement, and may coordinate the implementation of internal improvement efforts.

Average Salary: $69,350

10-Year Projected Growth: 10 percent (Faster than average)

8) Senior Tax Accountant

Tax accountants prepare federal, state, and local tax returns for individuals, businesses, or other organizations.

Average Salary: $85,690

10-Year Projected Growth: 13 percent (Faster than average)


9) Controller

Controllers and assistant controllers prepare financial statements and reports that summarize and forecast a business’s activity and financial position. They may also develop internal policies and procedures for an organization’s budget administration, cash and credit management, and accounting functions.

Average Salary: $125,080

10-Year Projected Growth: 15 percent (Much faster than average)


10) Credit Analyst

These professionals review and analyze financial information from sources such as reporting services, credit bureaus, and bank branches to evaluate the profitability of loan requests and approve or deny loan applications.